Seayahakouh (Shah Abbas Palace)

(9 رای)

On the northern slopes of the Black Mountain Mountains in the south of Garmsar, deserted monuments known as Qasr, the Shah Abbasi Palace is the most famous building of this complex

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This four-squrae palace has several towers and two northern and southern gates, and is also covered with white stucco, and also has six towers, and the head has a large integrated stone on both sides of the building. There are two small rooms known as the "sentinel house".

  • Specific information

    Inside the large building, twenty small rooms and on the east side of this courtyard are built with a long, long-tailed arches, and in the western part there is also a large open-air chamber with a king and wings in front of the front doorway, which has an old chest of drawers below. As well as the water needed by the palace was provided by pottery and rock from the Shamshmah Shah in the Black Sea Range.
  • Outlook

    The building of this water creek is interesting and amazing, and also the tombstones around this building belong to the Timurid period, which was repaired and used during the Safavid period.
  • More Info

    This complex is composed of Shah Abbas, Ain-Rashid and Shrine of Shrine, which represents the power of architecture, magnificence and glory of the past, and the most important and largest of them is the Palace of Shah Abbas.

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