Sha'dzh-e-Nehbandan castle

(14 رای)

Sha'dzh -e-Nehbandan castle is located 5 km east of Nehbandan. The materials used in it include stones and bricks, which in some places are located on each other without mortar.

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  • Address : South Khorasan - 6 km east of Nehbandan - the border of Zabol Road.

Sha'dzh-e-Nehbandan Castle has several fences and is surrounded by spaces such as troop rooms, warehouses, water storage facilities, etc. The foundation of this building is related to the Sassanid period that was bought and restored by the Ismailis in the 5th and 6th centuries AH.

  • Specific information

    Sha'ddzh Nahbandan castle is from the sixth and seventh century castles belonging to the Ismailian, but it differs significantly with other Ismaili piles. It has two types of architectural and artistic architecture. The significance of this castle is very high in a way that can be a great example of the study of architecture and social relations in a collective and human habitat.