Shahab Mineral Springs

(30 رای)

Sorkheh Reservoir is one of a series of aqueducts located in the northwest of Sorkheh city. The waters of the Shorub River are flowing along the same way as the gypsum slurry. At the edges of the river, a thick layer of salt deposits has produced a smooth, polished and white surface.

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  • Address : Sorkheh - Northwest of Sorkheh - Shahab Mineral Springs

Shoorab river flows south to the north after passing through the arena of this desert to the central desert of Iran. The water of this spring is dipped in salt domes and people bathe for use in holes surrounded by thick layers of salt.

  • Specific information

    This water is rich in sulfur which is used to treat headache and eye pain.
  • Best time

    In summer, people will go on a 5-kilometer-long journey from Sorkheh to the center of Shannab Shahab, and use this clear water for therapeutic use.
  • Recommendation

    If you go to the mineral water spring, do not stay for a long time, because the gases that come in are dizzy.

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