Shahdad Shahid

(14 رای)

The lake of Kerman province is one of the natural attractions of the province, which was created due to the earthquake in Kermanshah in 1360.

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earthquake in 1360 Kerman province left a lot of devastation on the areas of Shahdad and Syrch and Golbaf, followed by a part of the mountains of the region collapsed, which should be mentioned in the direction of the Pulwar mountain range. In the eastern part of the southern part of the valley between the valleys, the river Kasitou is flowing, which appears to be amazing after the earthquake after the earthquake. Millions of tons of rock and soil collapsed and stopped just the current water in the area. The result is a lake with over two million cubic meters of water.

  • Background information

    The lake survived for 24 years and then it was dry for some time due to droughts and now it is dehydrated in some years and because of its long evaporation, it is lower.

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