Shahghraghi Dam Dam

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Lake Shahghraghi dam is located 12 km north of Damghan city along with a strait called the "Go-Pole"; this lake is located near the Cheshmeh Ali River. This multifunctional dam controls the water needed for about 1500 hectares of plain land.

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  • Address : 12 km from Damghan road _ Dibaj - adjacent to the mountain of Kohlak lake - Cheshmeh Ali Lake

Shahghraghi Dam is a sandy type with clay core, with a height of 57 meters and a capacity of 40 million cubic meters. The length of the crest is 277 meters, its height is from the sea level of 1500 meters and the length of the waterway behind the dam is about 6 kilometers.

  • Background information

    The purpose of the dam construction was to transfer the water of the Cheshmeh Ali River to irrigate a part of the southern plain of the city and to control and prevent the northern floods and also in the future to supply shortage of drinking water in Damghan.
  • Specific information

    This area is located in a valley surrounded by mountains. Part of the dam faces now becomes the dam lake and is known as one of the natural attractions of Semnan. The most important prospect of the dam is the location of the Cheshme Ali tourists along with its pleasant climate and greenery.
  • Recommendation

    The existence of a dam and lake provides the opportunity to exploit tourism from it either by using boats or by setting them on the sidelines for recreational fishing or other purposes.
  • Must know

    Summer is the best time to visit Shah Cheraghi Dam Dam Lake.
    Also, in winter, freezing lake water, this area becomes a good place for skating and recreation of people, especially young people and teenagers.
  • Facilities

    Shahid Charaghi Dam is on the way of several other attractions, including the castle of Chahmagh castle of the Cheshmeh Ali forests of Aras Nort Dibaj and Damghan Bird Rangelands, and provides a multipurpose use of the opportunities and attractions of the region for tourists.
  • Cons

    The area in the climate zone is a dry and almost dry desert dam. The natural environment of the region has been severely damaged due to human intervention and premature aging of the livestock, and the diversity of animal species in the region has been much lower than previously.

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