Shahroud Water museume

(54 رای)

Shahrood Water Museum is the first private water museum in the country. It is also the only museum in the city. Some of the photos of the early Islamic Revolution in Shahrood and some of the pre-revolutionary political activities related to the Majles 17 and the nationalization of the oil industry for The fans have been shown.

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The distance of the museum is 120 square meters and is located inside the old building, known as the tekyiee berengy.

  • Background information

    This museum was launched in 1390.
  • Specific information

    In this museum, a variety of old and new water-related items, which are more than 300 pieces, have been exhibited, which are related to the oldest to the newest inventions and products related to water, such as old drinking water, direction finder Qanat, cup and Dice are measuring irrigation circuit, old pump and .... These objects belong to about 500 years ago.
  • Outlook

    In this museum, the first hall about the ancient Iranian culture and civilization attracts the attention of visitors, as well as the second hall associated with historical objects in the field of water and some historical objects of anthropology, and also the third hall in addition to the old technology The Iranian water industry has been exploring new technologies and patents in the water industry.
  • Recommendation

    The enthusiasts can use their collection of water and cultural objects by preserving the owner's name to the donation museum so that others can use this collection more and this last-ever verb will be remembered.
  • More Info

    Qanat Drinking water of Shahrood city has been the country's most abundant qanat a few years ago.

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