Shahroud museum

(45 رای)

Shahroud Museum building was built in Baladieh in 1307-1306. Also, this number was registered in the list of national works of Iran in 1888.

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This building is located in Ferdowsi Street in Shahrood, and now the building of the municipality is also adjacent to it and is also built in late Qajar period and early Pahlavi architecture style.

  • Background information

    The Shahrood Museum, which was constructed in the year 1306 as the Shahrood Boldieh (municipality), and also after its restoration, was opened in 1988 as the first museum of the Semnan province.
  • Specific information

    The Shahrood Museum is a two-story building with an area of 450 square meters and also consists of two sections of anthropology and archeology.
  • Outlook

    On the entrance to the ground floor and opposite the entrance to the wooden dormitory, which is located inside a glassy showcase, with its prominent motifs. On it, in two, embroidered motifs such as the names of its creators, the Ayatlekorsi, the names of the fourteen infallibles, as well as Moslems, Mohtasham Kashani's poems, and Quranic narratives.
  • More Info

    In the other part of this museum, the oldest objects related to the Sang Chikmage Hill and the 6th millennium BC are the oldest objects. This hill was explored by Japanese professor Masuda and his delegation before the revolution, and the objects derived from it include rocky and bony instruments such as needles, pinheads, sticks and sticks, or rock knives used for everyday use. It was .

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