Shams Tabrizi Tomb

(12 رای)

Shams Tabrizi tomb is a place of Khoy tourism and pilgrimage in West Azarbaijan province which, according to some locals, is Shams Tabriz's poet, Sufi and Parsigui poet.

Shams Tabrizi Tomb has a tower height of 17 meters and Shams Shrine is located 10 meters from the tomb.

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Shams Tabrizi tower was built on the Mazari, attributed to Shams Tabrizi during the Safavid period in Khoy. One of the symbols of Khomeini is Shams Tabrizi - Khoy is the love city of Mowlana Shams Tabrizi.

  • Background information

    Shams Tabrizi's tomb was built on the orders of Shah Isma'il Safavid and its minarets are decorated with horns of wild rams. The horn of the ram in the minaret has been performed to demonstrate the skill and strength of Shah Isma'il in the ram's hunt in one day.
  • Specific information

    Miniaturized documents and images of Shams Tabriz's tomb in Khoy city indicate that this building was originally from three minarets around Shams's grave, which for now only one of the natural reasons has remained.
    The outer surface of this minaret is decorated with horns of wild ram which Shah Ismail Safavi had hunted during his 40-day stay in the cheleh khone mountain of Khoy.
  • More Info

    Tabriz Shams Tomb, which has a tower height of 17 meters, has been significantly deviating from the past few years and fears that the tower will collapse in the future. For this reason, in 2007 with the cooperation of Italian experts, the tomb and tower Shams Tabrizi was restored in Khoy.
    The first international congress of Shams Tabrizi in Khoy in 2010 with the participation of more than 40 famous actors from Iran's Cinema House such as Ali Nasirian Parviz Parastooe, Haniya Tavasoli, Hamid Jabali and ...) and the Iranian Knights' Chants such as: Shahram Nazeri - Mokhtabad - Seraj Salar Aghili and ... and the international figure named Alim Qasim Ov-Keys; every year, and in 1394, the Shams Congress goes on stage internationally for several occasions, which coincides with the 7th of October, when guests and tourists each year Countries: Germany, Bulgaria, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, etc. will be held for one week, including oven programs Nagy happy and exhibitions and concerts, including those mentioned in temperament between Day Shams - Tabriz - Shiraz - Neyshabur

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