Sheikh Ala'd al-Dawlah Semnanis tomb

(13 رای)

This collection was one of the important centers for the gathering of mystics, scholars and poets in the late seventeenth and early eighth centuries AH and due to the importance and respect that the great rulers and rulers of this period have given to the great mystics of Semnan, He has been the leader of their minds.

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  • Address : Semnan - Sufi Abad

The tomb building is based on the command of Emadeddin (Jamaloddin) Abdul Wahab, the Minister of Sultan Mohammad Khodabandeh, of crude clay, as well as the tomb of Sheikh Ala'd al-Dawlah, located on the outside of the porch and over the large quarters, is 60 meters long and 1/10 m wide. Sheikh Alaoddowl also has iron fences and roof tiles that protect it from the burning rays of the desert sun.

  • Specific information

    The tomb's detailed building consists of two parts, the main part is a square-shaped building, and in the past there was a huge dome on which only one southwestern corner of the glossy remains remains.
  • Outlook

    : The second part is the high rise porch of the tomb, which is located eastward, as well as the tomb of Sheikh, located outside the porch, as well as the tomb of Sheikh Alaoddoleh Semnani in the village of Sufi Abad.
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    This item is registered under number 320 in the National Book List.