Shirvan Waterfall Dasht Meshkin Shahr

(54 رای)

Shirvan Dareh Dvgolvi Waterfall can be considered as the most beautiful and most unique waterfalls in Meshkin Shahr valley, which is very attractive for nature battalion.

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Meshkinshahr valley is located 30 km southeast of Meshkinshahr in Ardebil province and on the southern slope of Mount Sabalan volcano at an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level with an area of about 75 square kilometers. The length of the valley is about 12 km. Throughout the valley, due to the tectonic processes, there are a large number of small and large waterfalls, each of which, with unique beauties, excite every visitor.

  • Specific information

    The Incredible Valley of Meshkinshahr has a diverse set of erosion forms such as chimneys, elongated beds, honey erosion, numerous waterfalls, spa springs and minerals such as Shabil Sui, the beautiful Athena Lake.
  • Must know

    Meshkinshahr valley is accessible for about 2 hours walking from Moiil Village.

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