Shosh Prophet Daniel monument

(51 رای)

The monument of the Prophet Daniel (the city and the hills of Susa) is one of the historical works of Khuzestan dating from the 4th to the 1st millennium BC before the Islamic era. The shrine of Danial Nabi now has become one of the religious centers of Khuzestan, and many travelers visit and pilgrim

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The Holy Shrine of Shi'a has always been a gathering of the people of Susa and other cities of the province during the past years. The religious and religious ceremonies such as mourning and celebrating in it are accompanied with special glory and sacredness even on the day of Nowruz and the thirteenth day of the month, which is an occasion It is a national for Iranians, and the crowds in this place climbed, and people would prefer to spend such days in the shrine of this prominent dear.

  • Background information

    This holy Prophet was captured in the 7th century BC with his companions by the king of Babylon, Newcastle Nasr, and this great-grandfather, after a civilization, settled in Shosh, and was buried in the same place.
  • Specific information

    The building of the Tomb of Daniel the prophet has two courtyards that have been built around it, porches and chambers. The cone-shaped dome is built with a staircase, inspired by the native architecture of the area.
  • Outlook

    The tomb of Daniel the prophet has an old and thick track. In decoration, the tile has also been used. The placement of the Tomb of Daniel the Prophet in this region was unaffected by the discovery of the historical location of the Shosh area, since for the first time in the twelfth century, the peoples who were studying the condition of the Jews in Iran, paid attention to the memorials of the city and opened the field for exploration Archaeological sites in this historic area were provided.
  • More Info

    The Tomb of Daniel the Prophet, considered one of the most famous places of Shosh, was registered as a national monument in Iran on September 24, 1310 with the number 51.

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