Shrine of the Shrine

(17 رای)

Shrine of the Shrine known as the Tower of Takamaneh, also known as the Tower of Tahmineh, is considered to be one of the historical works of the Alborz province, which is one of the castlemen or members of the dynasty of Padosupan (1005-1045 AH) from the rulers The local area of ​​the Royan region is from the eighth to ninth centuries.

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The stone building of the tower of Mozarak is located 60 km from the Karaj road - Chalous near Guchars Square. It is a monumental octagonal dome with a cone dome on the same side.

  • Specific information

    The interior of the building is in principle square and the interior trim above and below the ceiling is an octagonal design that turns into a circle and eventually circles the ceiling.
  • Outlook

    The altar is decorated with altar-like decorations, on top of which the earrings are decorated; this tower is made of stone and tarry (a mixture of lime and ash or pebble, which in the water is absorbed by carbon dioxide anhydride and calcareous in the form of limestone It is solid and stable and is used to construct the building) and is similar to the Mongolian monuments. The construction method of the building, placed it in the tomb of the seventh century AH.

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