Shushtar Jame Mosque

(10 رای)

Shoushtar Mosque is one of the historical and religious attractions of Khuzestan. The construction of the Shushtar mosque related to the early days of Islam and the 13th Abbasids caliphate caliphate during Imam Hasan Askari's time has begun.

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The height of the minaret of Shoshtar Jame Mosque was 26 meters high and the upper part of it was destroyed, it is now about 18 meters. The mosque is the Friday of the Love Hall of Fate, the Friday prayer venue.

  • Background information

    Shushtar Mosque is on the west side of Shushtar, and according to historical books, in 254 AH. Q was founded by al-Mu'taz-blahl (Caliph Abbasi), and was later completed by Al-Murshad Balayul (another Abbasid caliph)
  • Specific information

    Before the current coating, the ceiling of the Shoshtar mosque was covered with Indian wood shark and according to the inscriptions in the mosque dating back to 1213, 1175, 933, 683, 445 AH, it turns out that the Shoshtar mosque The next century has been repaired and repaired for a while. The main nave of the mosque is located on the south side. In the nesting room there is a wooden Nafisi pulpit, which is inscribed on the inscription according to the inscription (Mansur Abvaharits) and the date of the zero year of 445 AH. Crafted on the wall of the mosque of the mosque, inscribed on the theme of Sura Yasin
  • Outlook

    Shushtar Jame Mosque on the north side consists of twelve rows of pillars and on the south side there are eight pillars, each of which is about five meters high. From the observation of the arches of arches and the porch of Rafi and its nave, built in the style of the Sassanid era, the history of its structure and its belonging to the early stages of Islam is somewhat clear. The mosque has a vast courtyard and columns with a very strong and sturdy stones, each with a diameter of more than one and a half meters, and the building is more than stone and brick, and has an old cartoon that has been written for 700 years, on the right The pulpit has been cut to the Kofi line
    Shoshtar Shrine Mosque has 48 stone columns and dome ceilings between columns. In this room there is a wooden pillar and inscriptions on the lines of the Thousand, Kofi and Nastaliq
  • More Info

    Shushtar Shrine Mosque has a large pond filled with water from the Daryun River. The shape of the columns in front of the mosque was annexed to the 40th century, and in the past, the bathroom behind the mosque was dedicated to the mosque.

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