Sirjan Sphin

(13 رای)

: Sohreh-e-Sayyid, 200 meters high around Sirjan, which is called the castle of stone, has been in the past for itself a serpent, but now there is nothing left but a ruin, and the history of the city has been rocked to a time-wise Harun al-Rashid and the Parthians.

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This city is located 10 km from Sirjan, which at that time was the stronghold of the Kerman Caliphate, but now the only remaining work of this city is a stone carvings engraved on it with historic lines and only a few hills And there is a stone and a gate from which the well-known city of the ancient city, called Sīrgan, is not well known.
At the altitudes of this rocky mountain, there are signs of military fortresses, stairs made by carving in the mountains, and hilly hills that have fallen over time.

  • Background information

    The history of the city dates back to the time of Khosrow, the son of a Parthian Blaash, and a narrative about the time of Haroun Al-Rashid. Sirjan or Sirjan or Shahrijan originally built at the stone castle at 9 km south-east of the current Sirjan, and, as historians have recorded, have a solid fence and eight gates. Which illustrates the importance and extent of the city in recent times. This city was until the 4th century AH, when Caliphate was the center of Kerman province. In ancient narratives, people have been wealthy, wealthy and mostly businessmen. And among its products was grain, cotton, and dates. In fact, the old city of Sirjan has left nothing but the walls of the fallen and the stone pulp. And if there are works, except in the ruins of the buildings and in the form of hills The soil has come, there is nothing to be seen.
  • Specific information

    : The stone castle is located on a calcareous white mountain, located in the middle of the Sirjan plain at a height of about 200 meters from the surface of the plain, with an environment of about 4000 meters. They have flattened the top of the mountain to build a building. The castle is originally the military fortress of the city and the city's buildings are located around the castle, especially in the eastern and northern parts of the city to the ancient countryside. In the southern part of this castle, there were high-rise houses and high-rise mansions with long walls that had been inhabited by noblemen. On the northern side of that wide street, it has stretched from the east to the west, where the market is home to residential and commercial buildings. In the castle, there was a prison where mummy was found. The prison is on the south side of the castle and there is a gap in it that is a mummy mine. An important castle in Iran has been destroyed for more than six hundred years.
  • Must know

    Sirjan castle is located 7 km south-east of Sirjan.
  • More Info

    One of the most interesting records of the castle was its national registration mark in 1310, about eighty-four years ago, but now, when you look at the dire situation of this national sample, you do not see anything but the inability of the authorities, The suffering of ancestors and a national work have been abandoned in such an unfavorable situation.

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