Solomon's Ghar dive Prison, Takab

(33 رای)

Solomon's Prison is the name of a cone-shaped mountain and between the desert, located three kilometers west of Soleiman's Totem. The Devil's Cave, Solomon's Prison, is about a kilometer away from the fire temple and is known as one of the historical caves of the West Azarbaijan.

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  • Address : West Azarbaijan Province - Takab - Solomon Prison

In order to preserve the purity and immortality of the fire, Azar Goshb, Dave, who represents the filth in the Zoroastrian religion, was arrested and imprisoned by Ahura Mazda in this dreaded well, which is why he has been called the Devil in jail. The view of the well looks outwardly like an imperfect cone with its large diameter sticking to the ground and its small diameter is the wellhead.

  • Outlook

    The well is circular in diameter, its diameter is 65 m, and its crateral height is 2200 m. The depth of the well from the highest point of the wall to the floor is 100 meters. The inside of the well is similar to the imperfect cone, with its large base of 65 meters in diameter, which forms a wellhead and reaches a depth of 85 meters.
    From the depth to the floor, the wellbeing opens, its diameter reaches about 80 meters on the floor. In the bottom of the well and below the small span, located at a depth of 85 meters, a dome is located at a height of 15 meters, whose diameter is approximately equal to the diameter of the bottom opening of the well. The structure of the well wall is from the crater to the bottom of the well, the layer is layered, and since then the body is lined with a layer of calcareous materials and there is no layer in the body.