Stonwriting Kell Shin

(41 رای)

A stone of the Kalash Shin near the Kalushin Village in northeastern Iraq, about 200 meters from the Iranian border, and an important bilingual text has been carved out in Urartu and Assyrian languages ​​(Akkadi). The estimated date of writing this text is around 800 BC!

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The Assyrian side of the stone is severely damaged by repeated shooting by uninformed people, but the lines are still readable. On the back of the inscription, which is in Urartu, rubbing is seen on the rock.
Parsava Province was located in the west of Lake Urmia (Chichest), and in the sixth century BC a new government, called Khalidiyah, appeared and annexed the Parsova Provinces. King Khalidi shook the stone and placed it in the Klechin valley near the southwest near the border.

  • Background information

    Archaeologists believe that this pillar was erected in 814 BC by the king of Urarto in this place (his former site).
  • Specific information

    The original text is composed of 42 lines, and it is used in such a way that ... The seals of Keposhi, İshpouini and Manoa, all three of the kings of the land of Toshpa, donated this stone to Allah the Almighty.
  • Outlook

    The height of this stone is 167 cm and its narrow width is 40 cm. It is located as a string and connected in a central rectangular headquarters measuring 23x4 cm. The inscription thickness varies from top to bottom from 28 to 30 centimeters. The base quadrilateral sides are about 112 x 114 cm and the stone is formed on a cubic base and the weight of the inscription with its base is 1.6 tons.

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