Structure of Bardsir

(9 رای)

 The lake is one of the lakes in the province of Kerman, located 13 km south of the city of Bardsir and near the village of Tarshab.

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Seasonal lake is secreted from the snow melting of the altitudes as well as the seasonal river of water, which is naturally fed and dried in the warm seasons. The size of the lake varies depending on the extent of its water absorption and does not average 50 cm in depth.

  • Specific information

    Around the lake is a thick, tropical plant that covers more than 80% of its surface. With herbs, there are other plants like Mechanism and Louis.
    The water of this lake is salty and unusable.
  • Outlook

    The wildlife of Lake Torshab is made up of many types of birds, especially birds like green duck, white beetles and gray herons, which are eaten in the winter in the area. Wolves and foxes can also be found from mammals around the wetland.
  • Best time

    The climate of the Bardsir is temperate mountainous, with mild winters and summers.
  • More Info

    The city of Bardsir is located in the west of the city of Kerman, and its center is Bardsir. In 1358 the city separated the city from the city and separated itself into an independent city

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