Tabas Museum of Anthropology

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Tabas Museum of Anthropology is located at the end of Emad Malmolkie, known as "Garden Khan", with an area of about 4,400 square meters. At Tabas Museum of Anthropology, a space with an infrastructure of about 600 square meters has been dedicated to displaying the culture and customs of this area from Iran.

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The Museum of Anthropology of Tabas with the subject and content of anthropology with about 500 items of the cultural object donated by peoples interested in peoples culture and in two sections of the depiction of the statues (9 mannequins of traditional occupations) and showrooms (20 showcases) introducing some occupations The traditional words and tools and functionalities - livelihoods of people in the past.

  • Specific information

    "Baghe Khan" collection is a historic gardens from the Safavid era; the main mansion of the garden, dating from the Safavid to Qajar era, has been destroyed in Tabas city in the total earthquake of 1357. After the earthquake, the staff of the oil company of the country began to construct a monument with a traditional design aimed at preventing the exodus of historical objects and cultural property of Tabas, which, according to the necessity of the people affected by the earthquake, the use of the public bath changed, this public bath until The year 1384 was used and exploited by the people, but due to the progress of urban construction and the development of residential buildings, it was abolished by itself and was abandoned for about eight years.
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    Due to the fact that one of the approvals of the delegation's visit to the province was the construction of the Museum of Anthropology in Tabas, the construction of the bathhouse of Khan of Tabas with the consent of the late Ali Naqi Khan Najd Sheybani, the trustee of the endowment of Emad al-Maliki and in cooperation with the Office of Endowment and Charities The city was chosen as the building of the Tabas Museum of Anthropology.
    Considering that the building's interior and the condition of the building were very fragile and did not have the necessary conditions for the establishment of the museum, the Provincial Cultural Heritage Bureau for three consecutive years allocated 430 million USD for the repair and fitting of the interior spaces of the building, the construction of a safe deposit box, Installations, showcases and ... The Museum of Anthropology of Tabas was established on April 24, 1994 at the same time as the handicraft week.

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