Takab prohibited hunting area

(10 رای)

Takab province is a prohibited and protected hunting zone in the province of Azarbaijan, which is located 50 km from the city of Takab. This area is located on the Shahin-e-Dagh road to Takab, which has a good natural environment for wildlife such as rams and wild ewes.

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The forbidden hunting area of "Bayan" with 35 thousand hectares is located between the cities of Takab and Shahindzh in the south of West Azarbaijan province. This area is located near the village of Afshar, about 23 km south-east of Shahin Dezh. The mountain is located at an altitude of about 2,232 meters above sea level. Due to the fact that this area is located in the north and west region of Iran's plateau, it has mountainous and moderate weather.

  • Specific information

    The dominant vegetation cover is rangeland cover. Vegetable species of the region include palatine and gontakery, wild alfalfa, rye, wildlife foraging, hawthorn, reed and oak, wild gooseberries, galleries and palatine and guinea pigs, wild pistachio (wild boar), wild almonds, and hawthorns can be mentioned.
  • Best time

    In the midst of being surrounded by mountains, it has snowy winters and relatively warm summers. The four seasons of nature appear as a distinct area on the face of it.
  • Cons

    Mine-destructive activity and the mining of mines and explosions have caused serious damage to the region. Also, the lack of establishment of environmental checkpoints, the installation of special protection signs in all area of the area and the absence of boarding and permanent patrols, the lack of prevention of the activities of the profiteers and offenders living in the villages surrounding the region of expression, which illegally hunted birds and livestock in the area.

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