Talab Chamli Takab

(50 رای)

Chamli Lagoon is located in West Azarbaijan province. Chamlyi Gul (Badranlo Movable Grass) is located 17 km northeast of Takab city and 3 km east of Badrallo village of Afshar district.

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Chaman or Chamly Gol is one of the most unique phenomena in Iran, and even the world, which is located in the midst of Takab nature and is still secretive to a snake.
Chemly Gul, in the local language of the area, "an island of grass on the pond", is a chamly movable grass, a large piece of straw that floats away from clinging to their roots without touching the ground on the water.
This lawn is a moving island with an area of over 100 square meters on a small pond that changes and moves with the wind and air flow or a certain stir in different directions, which makes it unique. Gravity is normal.
The total area of this strange pond is about one hectare in a deep valley, with ravines, lush grass, tall trees and beautiful flowers around it with its special, natural and beautiful features.

  • Specific information

    A grassy piece of grass is arranged in a half arc which is separated from the perimeter of the pond, while creating an extraordinary gravity, and in this regard is considered one of the most important natural and tourist areas of the West Azarbaijan.
    The depth of this pond is high and the fish and wild ducks around this meadow create a special beauty.

    The reason for the movement and floating of this amazing grass is not known, but some experts find it due to the state of the earth and others due to natural factors and wind blowing.
  • Must know

    There are two ways to go to this grass, the first road from Takab to Badrulo, which is after the village of Yelchuk Aghaj and the second road from the Takht-e-Solomon, from the Hampa road to Badrulo and not reaching the village of Ghosheh Bolagh The shortcut of Ghosheh Bolagh arrives in Badrulo and after a few kilometers to the village of Maire and the grass is located in this village.

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