Taleqan Kalle Sang mountain

(13 رای)

Kaleh Sang mountainous area includes a number of peaks and all-stone blacks located in the north of the village of Sohan, Taleghan city, and is considered by climbers.

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Sohan village is located in the middle of Taleghan and in the north of the crown and Taleghan dam (about 4 km) and is located on the southern slope of Kuh-e-Sang and at an approximate elevation (2150) meters above sea level. Of course, in precision, the term "whole stone", meaning "goat" or "rock hunter", is correct due to the wildlife habitat of this region.

  • Background information

    Because of the location of Souq Al-Jashi in the general area of Taleghan, Kaleh Sang alley, completely overlooks the valley of Taleghan and remotely connected with the ancient Ismaili castles, including the castle of Arjang in the southern Taleghan highlands and the Eagle castle in Alamut , So it was used as an occasional secret. The effects of the destruction of old shelters and the pieces of pottery left by them in the area are quite evident.
  • Specific information

    Mountains and mountain peaks are in the form of a crescent (south-easterly) and an approximate length of 800 meters, the highest point of which is about 3650 meters above sea level. The general status of the Kell-Sang area, from the south to the Zaminkan valley and the area called the courtyard, from the southwest to the Fountain and Dane Khani, to the south Kashke Chal (Jir Khoshk Chal) and From the northwest to the valley and altitudes of "Rajahdeh" and eastward to the "Marsangdoosh" heights of the village of Sohan and north to the Grand Valley of the "Male Khani" village of Danbelid.
  • Outlook

    At the end of most of the "Stone" peaks of about 20 to 200 meters, they are only as single-cloth boulders or highly slippery stone pieces. The most famous in the middle of this area is the "Double Barry Shower" (the shower of two brothers). Due to the technical features and the structure of the stone, the piles and rock bricks of this region, it can be said that rock is a small mountain science in Taleghan.
  • Recommendation

    Because of the easy climbing of the rock blades, the first route (climbing from Dani Khani Springs) is a better route, especially for amateur teams. However, due to the harsh and harsh conditions of the rock mass, any deviation from the main routes leads to entering the closed areas of the rock, which is better to go back and forth, turning the path correctly.
  • Must know

    There are few paths to climb to rock climbing without the use of climbing equipment, which requires more skill and effort and more precaution. Due to the crescent shape of the region, the northern area overlooks the deep valley of Mali Khan, is extremely rocky, and the western region is not suitable for climb due to its high slope and rock falls, resulting in east or south In general, there are two possible ways to climb a normal climb
    Requirements: Obviously, if climbing facilities are used, the possibility of technical climbing from all the paths and even completely vertical from the walls of the Kalone Stone, both in the courtyard on the south side and from the stone walls It will also be possible in the dry Khalil area or in the fissured walls of the "Radzhda" or the northern valley of "Malay Khani".
  • More Info

    Note: In terms of geographic definitions, due to a minimum of 50 meters height from the latitudes for the definition of a peak, it is difficult to interpret the rock peak instead of the stone rock, and therefore, due to the presence of numerous stone bricks and Several altitude elevations, such as the rock of the rock, have been selected for the Kalle Stone range
  • Source

    Photos and information by: Hossein Zeinali's personal website

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