Talhab Mineral Springs

(33 رای)

Talhab mineral springs, located 6 km northwest of Lasgerj village.

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  • Address : Semnan - Lasgerj Village

The fountain of Talbach is composed of three springs. The first spring has bitter and tart water (color copper field). The second spring is almost tangled to the first fountain. The third fountain on the left has fresh water.
The water is bitter and cool. People in the summer go to treat headaches, eye pain, jaundice, jaundice, jaundice, and warmth.

  • Specific information

    Use of water in this spring has a therapeutic aspect. This spring also has a foreign visitor. Mountaineers who want to climb to Khleno's summit, next to the spring, will make a night out and then climb.
    Public Waters: Tealbach Springs is located at a height of 3070 meters and is floating under a red rock that brings the surrounding stone around to the copper color.
  • Must know

    To climb the Kholen peak, the best path to the valley is Lauon, through the valley of Lalun, through an upward and downward path, must reach the Tal'hab mineral water spring.

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