Talib Qoopi Baba Ali Mahabad

(14 رای)

Qoopi Baba Ali Mahabad Lagoon is one of the important wetlands of Mahabad region, with its natural features and its particular birds. It is one of the important wetlands in the region of Mahabad. It is located in the list of important international wetlands of the Ramsar Convention and is one of the best birds habitats. Aquatic and Aquatic.

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Kwapi Lagoon Baba Ali is located in West Azarbaijan province. This wetland is located at 35 km2 and 2.5 km deep in the Mahabad-Miandoab transit road and near the village of Qoppi-i-Baba'ili. The area is 1000 hectares. Its amount of salts is high in concentration. In the years 1353 and 1354, a large amount of salt was harvested after the drying of the wetland, but at the present time its salt content has been reduced.

  • Specific information

    Khvpi Babaali lake has UNESCO honorary diploma and lives in such birds as lush duck, hanna, ankhut, wild goose, tuna and .... Qopi Babala lagoon is located 30 kilometers north of Mahabad

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