Tehran Milad Tower

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Tehran's Milad Tower is a multi-purpose skyscraper located in northwestern Tehran. Milad Tower is the tallest tower in Iran and the sixth tallest telecommunication tower in the world. The head structure of this tower, which has an area of 12000 square meters, is the largest among all towers in the world in terms of area in use.

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  • Tehran Milad Tower
  • Tehran Milad Tower
  • Tehran Milad Tower
  • Tehran Milad Tower
Tehran Milad Tower Tehran Milad Tower Tehran Milad Tower Tehran Milad Tower مشاهده گالری


  • Phone Call : +982184361000
  • website : www.tehranmiladtower.ir
  • Price : Average
  • Hours of work : 10:00 - 22:00
  • Address : Tehran Milad Tower, Hakim Expy, Tehran, Iran

Milad Tower (Borj-e Milad) is a multi-purpose Iranian concrete tower built in 2007 in between the Shahrak-e Gharb and Gisha districts of Tehran. It stands at 435 m (1,427 ft) from base to the tip of the antenna. The head consists of a large pod with 12 floors, the roof of which is at 315 m (1,033 ft). Below this is a staircase and elevators to reach the area.
Milad Tower is the sixth tallest tower in the world after the Tokyo Skytree, Canton Tower in Guangzhou, CN Tower in Toronto, Ostankino Tower in Moscow, the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai. It is also the 17th tallest freestanding structure in the world.
Milad Tower is a part of The Tehran International Trade and Convention Centre. The project includes the Milad telecommunication tower offering restaurants at the top with panoramic views of Tehran, a five-star hotel, a convention centre, a world trade centre, and an IT park. The complex seeks to respond to the needs of business in the globalised world of the 21st century by offering facilities combining trade, information, communication, convention and accommodation all in one place.

  • Background information

    Milad Tower's construction commenced in 1997. Upon completion of its 11-year-long construction in 2008, the Milad Tower was considered the 4th tallest free-standing telecommunication tower in the world. The tower was officially opened on 20 February 2009 by Tehran mayor, Mohammad-Bagher Ghalibaf and members of City Council of Tehran.
  • Specific information

    Foot Tower Building (lobby): The foot tower building has six floors and has an area of 17 thousand square meters. The ground floor of lobby is used for entrance and welcoming visitors. The tower’s sweeping, concrete ceilings and the unique arch shape of the building is considered as one of the most prominent pieces in contemporary architectural concrete work. The design of the roof is as a geometric Iranian knot. 6 escalators installed in the lobby, have the capacity of carrying 9000 people per hour. Four elevators with the capacity of 21 people are also locate3d in the lobby. On the first three floors, 83 business units, an international food restaurant, cafeteria and exhibition area of 200 square meters. The first and second floors, located underground, will include offices, operation facilities and a data monitoring center. One the specific features of lobby is the X shape columns that have been implemented as well as the arched roof, the construction of which uses a concrete instead of stone on the outside view of the lobby. The guest reception, security check, ticket check and entry cards, waiting areas , introduction film and model replica of the building, access to speedy elevators, banks and ATM machines are also located in the ground floor of the lobby. A beautiful artwork called ‘leylee and majnoon’ added to the beauty of this floor.

    Body: The general shape of the structure consists of a central octagon with several internal walls and four trapezoidal shaped parts. The main body starts from the foundation (level zero) and extends up to level 315. The tower shaft is made of a concrete structure. There are 6 elevators on three sides of the shaft with the speed of seven meters per second, which take the visitors to the top of the tower in less than 50 seconds. On the fourth side, 1868 escape stairs have been installed. The main structure of the tower’s body is not for public use and just used for the establishment and high speed elevators.

    Tower’s Head Structure : Tower’s head structure is the main operating part which has been built around a concrete shaft including 12 floors with the underlying level of which is approximately 12 thousand square meters and has the weight of 2100 tons. Head structure of Milad tower is considered as one of the biggest buildings among all telecommunication towers in the world. In addition to the 6 high speed elevators in the main body of the tower, 2 elevators with the capacity of 10 people are also located in the central core of the head structure.

    Close Observation Deck : Close observation deck and its cafeteria are located in the 4th floor of the head structure with the view of the area at the bottom of the tower. The facilities to welcoming guests are provided at the cafeteria.

    The Museum of Ancient Coins : Tehran Milad tower ancient coins museum is located at the 4th floor of the head structure with the view of the area at the bottom of the tower. The ticket price for this floor plus open observation deck is about 14000 Tooman which can be bought online or at the ticket counter located in the tower.

    Tehran Milad Tower Cafeteria : This cafeteria is a pleasant place with a unique view and a relaxing place for a hot cup of coffee at the top part of Tehran.
    Free Art Gallery : The 5th floor of the head structure is a beautiful place to display artists’ valuable works of visual arts. The aim of the tower’s managers is to create a specific area by the use of facilities in order to introduce these works to those interested in these arts.

    Revolving Restaurant : Tehran Milad tower claims the first place in the world with its largest revolving restaurant, at the height of 276 meters. The restaurant has a pleasant atmosphere and located on the sixth floor of the head structure with the capacity of more than 300 people. An art work of Shahnameh Ferdosi has added to its beauty. This restaurant consists of two separate- fixed and revolving - parts. The revolving part goes around the fixed part of the restaurant and completes one whole revolution per hour providing a 360 degree view for visitors. In order to ensure safety conditions, the food is cooked in the central restaurant which is located on the west side of the tower and is send to the restaurant by special elevators and then is served to guests using restaurant’s advanced maintenance and serving facilities.

    Open Observation Deck : The tower’s largest diameter is situated on the seventh floor of the head structure at the height of 280 meters and has an infrastructure of approximately 3000 meters. Using the open observation deck is a unique experience. The entire city of Tehran and places near the tower can be viewed from this height. Milad tower’s Tehran museum is also located on this floor.

    Special Restaurant (VIP) : The special restaurant is located at a height of 292 meters on the 10th floor of the head structure in an 1100 square meter area and is designed to serve more than 100 official guests. This restaurant is equipped with advanced facilities and food storage systems. One of the open observation decks is located on this floor. The internal architectural design of the restaurant has been covered by wood which has given it a special beauty.

    Antenna Mast : Milad tower antenna mast is a steal structure with a height of 120 meters which at the lowest part, turns in to a 16 polygon with a 6 meters diameter and at the highest part, turns in to a 60 cm square. It is constructed from 360000 pieces of steal, bolts and weighs approximately 350 tons. There is a two-person lift installed within the antenna mast which carries the experts to a height of 70 meters. Access to the other parts of the antenna mast is possible through stairs. The antenna mast has been designed and built in 4 parts. The bottom part is used for installing telecommunication antennas for common users and the analogue and digital TV antennas have been installed in the three upper parts.
  • Must know

    the entrance Fee is between 4$ - 10$
  • More Info

    In terms of the structure design, calculations and results based on the model of a wind tunnel, the tower has been designed for air flows as fast as 140 km/h and momentary gusts as fast as 220 km/h
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