The Ahab and Bidgol forbidden hunting ground

(5 رای)

Afoush dam is located 40 km southwest of this city in Isfahan Province and has become one of the natural attractions of Isfahan.

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  • Address : Isfahan Province - Frieden County - Afus

The length of the lake is about 300 meters and 200 meters wide and at an altitude of 2550 meters above free water.

  • Specific information

    The Afos Dam, built with the help of Jihad for building and popular assistance for the exploitation of tourism and agriculture, is one of the beautiful scenery of the city of the frontier of the city of Afus.
  • Best time

    The climate of the Afus Mountains is mild and mountainous, and its winter is cold and vibrant and has a mild and pleasant summer. Summer season is the best option for you to visit this area.
  • Must know

    Afus is located 38 kilometers west of the city of Fadian Governorate Center between the villages of six young people, Boeing, Dashkan and Khoujian.

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