The Church of the Virgin Mary Maku

(43 رای)

The Church of Ghara (also known as the Church of Tadios or the Church of Tetavos) is the name of a historical church in the West Azerbaijan province of Iran, located 20 km northeast of Chaldoran, alongside a village of the same name. World records of Iran have been recorded by UNESCO

Church of the Holy Virgin Mary, also known as the Church of Forces of Doom, is one of the historical churches of the West Azerbaijan, located 12 kilometers northwest of the Church of the Holy See, the church's view is very simple and Only around the windows and lightnings are decorated with false columns that end in a curved arc.

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The Forced Sorrow Church is located in the Charndaran Township of Baron Village, on the steep slopes of the mountain and on the shore of the Zangmar River.

  • Background information

    The history of the fortress church of the Maku (Holy Mary Church) is estimated between 1315 and 1324 and is made by the Archbishop of the Holy Taddeus Church, Zakaria, of the great family and its owners, as a school of instruction Religious, cultural and literary, under the supervision of the bishop of "Hvans Yerznatchisy" (Yerzhnatski), one of the celebrities of Armenian literary education, he was residing in this church in 1341, and therefore he was "punished by force" "Also called.
  • Specific information

    The building of the Forcible Mighty Church of Mako (the Church of Mary) is a cross-linked plan, and its building has internal and regular facet lacquered and uncut lacquered rocks. The church is similar in architecture to other Armenian works. Its internal front has four oval oval lobes and four small luminaires in the four sides and dome in the form of a butterfly.
  • Outlook

    The Sacred Powers of Maku (Holy Mary Church) are cross-shaped, with an exterior dimension of 10.5 × 10.5 and its height, after analyzing the plan's proportions and transferring it to the building's facade, is 12.58. . This church, like other Armenian churches made at that time, was built with gem stones in different volumes.
  • More Info

    The transfer of this building is an important event in preserving the cultural heritage of Iran. With the transfer to the new location, no change was made in the building, but rather more beautiful and more precisely reconstructed with our materials.

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