The Earth Science Museum

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Because of all persons don`t have enough time to spending for dedicates of this science in natural ways therefore museum rule became more egregious. “Earth Science Museum“ is the good window for this varied world.

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  • The Earth Science Museum
  • The Earth Science Museum
  • The Earth Science Museum
  • The Earth Science Museum
The Earth Science Museum The Earth Science Museum The Earth Science Museum The Earth Science Museum مشاهده گالری


  • Phone Call : +982164552288
  • website :
  • Price : Economic
  • Hours of work : 9:00-15:00
  • Address : Next to national cartographic center, Me`raj Blvd, Azadi Sq., Tehran, Iran

This museum provides opportunities for accustoming with this valuable concepts and can be reflection of cultural growth and development of our youths. Also it can supply a desirable leisure hours for them.

  • Specific information

    The ”Mine Explorations and Geology Management” of northeast territory by having this knowledge provides executive program preliminary and its efforts are including:
    • Caring out laboratory studies and fieldwork.
    • Administrative pursuing of this plan and expressing its importance.
    • Offering materials of this plan to responsible companies.
    • Offering the plan of inaugurating Earth Science Museum in coincide movement to new building.
    • Offering the plan of “Earth Science Museum Park”.
    • To seek advice from experts In our country and other countries.
    • Visiting of Iranian museum (Mashhad, Tehran and Hamadan) and foreign countries with instructing personnel ( in Japan geology organization museum of Strasburg, earth science museum, Frankfort and Munich natural science museum and personal museum of Dr. Hans Jorgen Wilkes in Germany
    • To seek advice from advisers about museum design.
  • Outlook

    It is very interesting that museum has many fans at the begging. Among young people any of students, teachers and professors of various universities have visited of pretty samples four years. These samples have been gathered from Iran and all around the world. They have been classified by scientific methods? and shown in the separate shelves. Visitors can see these various samples with name of who donate it to the museum and so be encouraged to gathering new samples for offering to the museum.
  • More Info

    Samples Classification
    • Minerals: there are 350 specimen from different kinds of minerals (such as carbonates, sulfides, sulfates, oxides, borates, phosphates, arsenide, salt and clay minerals on exhibition and more than 150 samples of various silicate mineral from Iran and different places in the world.
    Specimens were collected from as far away as china and as near by as Mashhad Salman square of Piruzi Bulevard. The oldest sample in the exhibition is granit of Dowran and meta sandstone of task and trilobite fossils belong to L. Cambrian of England that is Precambrian in age.
    • Fossils: more than 500 samples from Iran and worldwide.
    • Rocks: more than 100 samples of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks from different places in the world.
    • native elements: 14 samples.
    • Valuable rocks: 110 lathed spaciments of the valuable minerals that shown in separated shelves.
    • Cave samples: pretty samples from caves in Iran.
    • Geology structures and coals: they have been shown in the separate shelves in this museum.
    In this situation earth science museum group consist of thoroughbred? experts are working on this objects:
    • Sample gathering and record the name of who have offered them.
    • Gathering Iranian scientists and famous person`s biography.
    • Going to the field and sampling from the apt places.
    • Identifying unknown samples.
    • Buying samples from inner and foreign expositions through many travels and visits.
    • Scientific classification of samples.
    • Join in congresses about museum.
  • Metro Azadi Subway Station

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