The Forbidden Hunting Area of Aggel Maku

(29 رای)

The Forbidden Hunting Area of ​​Aggel Maku is from the attractions of West Azarbaijan, from the north to the village of Sagh, located on the border between Iran and Turkey, to the west to the Gashlar catchment to the south along the border line of Iran and Turkey to the village of Yarīm The constraint is limited to the upper and lower limits.

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The hunting area of Aggel Maku, due to the natural conditions of the ancient habitat of various species of wildlife, has been severely reduced for several reasons for several reasons. Therefore, due to suitable vegetation and good biological conditions, In order to restore the wildlife generation and restore the habitat, a total of 90 heads of wild sheep and wild eagle have been released from the Kabudan Island and have been released in this area.

  • Specific information

    Natural springs of Azarbayjan-e-Azarbayjan-e-Azarbayjan-e-Azarbayjan province are Aghghal water springs in Khoy. The water of these springs is carbonated and because it is non-drinkable. The water of these springs enters the Aghcha River after it leaves, and its lime sediments along the road create beautiful landscapes.
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    Akgel, a village of functions of the central part of the city of Maku in the West Azerbaijan province of Iran.
    The construction of residential centers, hospitality, water treatment centers, sports halls and recreational facilities are one of the areas needed for investment in this area.

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