The Old Bridge of Dezful (Sassanian Bridge)

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The Old Bridge of Dezful (Sassanid Bridge) is actually the oldest bridge in the world, which has been built by the passing of more than 10 centuries for the survival of pedestrians and riders.

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  • Address : Khuzestan, Dezful.

Sassanid bridge is built of lime and limestone, and during the rule of Azd al-Dawlah Deylami, Safaviye, and Pahlavi several times have been restored, but the foundations of the bridge bear the Sassanid era.

  • Background information

    The bridge was built in 260 AD on the orders of Shapur I Sassanid by 70,000 Roman prisoners in Iranians. Over 10 centuries since its inception, Dezful and Andimeshk have been used as the most ancient bridge in the world nowadays. Is. The bridge has 14 craters and the Dez river passes below it.
  • Specific information

    The Sassani bridge of Dezful, located in the center of Dezful, is connected to the east and west of the city and links the roads of Andimeshk, Shushtar and Dezful.
  • Outlook

    Over the past 2 years, the road to the Dezful Bridge has been announced unilaterally for the preservation of this important work, and it is hoped that with the start of the construction of the fifth bridge of Dezful, which is lower than the old bridge, and its exploitation, The old bridge of Dezful is announced in full so that this important ancient art work remains.

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