The Seven Wonders of Karaj Museum

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Seven Wonders are among the most famous sights of the world; however, this wonders is somewhere close to Karaj, maybe it looks weird. If you want to go to the 7th Wonderland Museum in Karaj, you have to go to Chalous Road 14 km.

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  • Address : km 14 Karaj Road - Chalous - next to Pamchal Restaurant

With the name of the Nasr Gallery, he started his career from 2008 on km 14 of Karaj-Chalous road. The Three Pyramids, the statue of Zeus, the statue of Rhodes, the Tuscany of Mussolós, the Temple of Artemis, the Lighthouse of Alexandria, and the hanging gardens of Babylon, are the names of the seven wondrous wonders of the world, which a craftsman brings to their specimens together with a number of other world-viewers. Is.

  • Background information

    Karzai's artist Nasrallah Rouhani has spent five years building and collecting these works and has now exhibited them in a gallery called Nasr, which is his personal treasury. The statue of Rhodes in Greece dates back to 280 BC, the Halicarnassus-Mussulus Tomb in Turkey, the Turkish Temple of Artemis dating back to 356 BC, the Pyramids of the 1800 BC, the hanging gardens of Babylon dating back to six centuries BC, The lantern of Alexandria, at the height of a 40-story building, and the Greek Zeus statue dating back to 450 BC, brings every viewer to a very far-reaching past, and astonishes the magnificence and ability of mankind to create such amazing wonders.
  • Specific information

    The construction of small human and animal sculptures in various modes, such as going to the Noah's Ark or the camel's person riding alongside the Egyptian Pyramids, brings to mind the true sense of these works.
    Interestingly, along with this seven wonders, the symbols of Noah's Ark, the beautiful lines of calligraphy related to Sa'di Golestan, and colorful paintings from various subjects inspire the sensual and artistic sensibility of every human being, all created by this artist.
    In the outer space of the "Watching the History Hall", next to the old tree, two prehistoric people, one who relied on the tree and the other in the fire, made the mind of man think about the size of the height and face of prehistoric people of this size The faces of modern humans have varied.
    The beautiful and lush nature of this gallery with leafy trees and leaves, spring air, cool wind of the breeze, wavy river, splashed boulders inside the river, intermingling of the resonance of the scratches of leaves, the sound of birds and raging water, the wooden hut and the peripheral alpine Provides a delicious drink that soothes every soul-loving one
  • Outlook

    To enter the Karaj Seven Wonders Museum, you first have to pass from a place called "view of history" whose entrance space is like a cave, and in the entrance hall there are beautiful paintings that depict the cave paintings in Laskowi France was adapted from 10 to 15 thousand BC.
    The darkness of the entrance space, the artificial grass, and the natural moss, inspire the space of a real cave in humans, and fascinate every one who has traced the beautiful, simple, yet magnificent drawings of prehistoric people.
    The cow and dog paintings on this wall are considered to be the most amazing arts of prehistoric times, which inspire a sensual nostalgia for humans, and their beautiful coloration by the artist creates a joyful and refreshing joy in human creation. he does.
    The viewer, after passing through this cave space, faces in the main hall of the gallery with seven wonders in the world, each of which is erected in an area of eight square meters, and in the sense of a journey in history, it takes another form.
  • More Info

    It may be interesting to note that all works related to the space of the seven wonders museum of Karaj, the design of decor, paintings, lighting and the entire arrangement of works of art by Nasrallah Rouhani have been performed, the artist who created the identification card, vouchers and some banknotes and checks Guaranteed.
    Rouhani, now walking with a cane, was born in 1305 and has spent his studies at the University of Science and Technology and the United States in print, interior and graphic arts, and has been working in painting and design for 50 years. And, according to him, Ismail Ashtiani's student was a student of Professor Kamal al-Mulk.
    Obviously, those who go to Karaj-Chalous Road to spend their time in nature can visit their permanent exhibition of seven wonders in the Nasr Gallery located at km 14 of Karaj-Chalous Road to enhance their cultural and artistic knowledge. Enjoy the cultural atmosphere of the exhibition. The Seven Wonders of the World are now waiting for the arrival of new spectators.

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