The Seven-wise Al-Baraz

(10 رای)

The beautiful and magnificent peak of the Seven-Juan on the Chalous road is 40 km from Karaj. From the several paths you can climb the summit, which is referred to below.

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Peak Al-Ba'zar is located on Chalous Road and there are five routes available to it. The northern route is the shortest route to the summit and the southeastern route is the longest axis route.

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    Eastern route: Origin of Sepah Salar village on Chalus road after sleeping bridge and not reaching Asarah. The route continues in the opposite direction of the river and after reaching the stones, which is a good place to rest, it is not reached. The end of the valley falls on the right side of a steep slope called the Sigreh slope (from Sepah Salar to the Cigrian slope for an hour) . At the top of the crigtoral slope, the path extends to the end of the wall and parallel to the second left lane, which is characterized by three pillars installed for winter, and below the Kamk wall, which several different routes were opened by members of the Karaj climbers' house on it The Continental Campaign, which is currently in use, continues (from the Circus slope to the Jonathan 1.5 hours). On the left side of Jonpanah, after 300 meters, reaches the first edge of the cluster peak or Kirchan. It is possible to climb to the summit or to the left and reach the peak of the seven hangs after passing through the blade of the pollack to the summit of the beautiful Azkouh Peak. From sunrise to peak for three hours.
    The Northern Route: The origin of the free valley climb is located on Chalus Road, not reaching Gachsar. The Azadr valley is located on the left side of the road after leaving behind the old village and the ice cave and passing through the roads of Azadbar. From Karaj by car to Azadr valley about 2.5 hours. The summit continues with a steep slope to the valley floor, which was supposed to climb to the summit after leaving the river, continuing the route from top to top. After 4 hours, you can reach the main peak.
    The Northwest route is the easiest and most convenient route to this route. The source of the ascension is the honeydew, which can be reached after reaching the free valley. Need help with the car to access the crank. After leaving the river (though hardly), we enter the valley that goes down to the summit. At the end of the valley, climb the left edge and after reaching the summit, we reach the main peak. The time required to reach the summit of the honeydew is about 4 hours.
    South route: The origin of the Aeser village is on the Chalus road after the bridge is sleeping and on the road of Kalavan village. The climb runs to the left, opposite the river. After reaching the rocky paths that make it difficult to cross the spring water, after 1.5 hours, we arrive at the Imamzadeh Bibi Zabideh on the right side of the river. The route continues from the upper part of the river through Malraux, and after reaching the first cavalry, we turn to the right. 2 hours later we reach the rabbit's neck. The path from the rabbit's hull is drawn by the southern edge, with a gentle gradient to the summit. The time to climb from the crescent to the summit is 2 hours.
    Southeast Route: The origin of the Sepah Salar Village located on the Chalous Road and after the sleep bridge is not Asarah. After reaching the village, the path to the Imam Zadeh, which is on the left, continues. After some time, the gardens of the village are passed through the cliffs facing the top of Malrho. The valley reaches to the eastern edge of the eastern to the west. The rabbit's shoulder has been pulled up. It takes about 3 hours from the village to the first, and from the first to the rabbit's gravel, the climb time is 2 hours. From there, the path continues along the southern route.
    Western route: This long route can be reached from the villages of the Chalous road and north of the village of Kalvan. The path to the opposite direction of the river of the villages continued, and after 3 hours it reached the bottom of the ridge. The western edge continues with a steep slope upward. After 6 hours of heavy hiking and going through the Ventar rock peaks, we reach the main peak of the seven hangars.

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