The Tomb of the Commanders of Makri

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The Tomb of the Makeri Commanders is one of the valuable and historic remnants of the Qajar period in the city of Boukan, West Azarbaijan province. The Tomb of the Sovereigns, with traditional architecture, is located in Bukan Mellat Park, and is visited by tourists as one of the attractions of Bukan Tourism.

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Tomb of the Commander-in-Chief The burial place of the family "Aziz Khan Macri" was the bridegroom of Amir Kabir and the commander-in-chief of Nasir al-Din Shah tribesmen. The main tomb of Sardar Aziz Khan Makri is located in the lower reaches of the tomb of Seyyed Hamzeh in Tabriz's Maghbarat-o-Shoarra Park.

  • Background information

    In the tomb of the commanding officers of Makri, several descendants of Sardar Aziz Khan Makri and some of the elders of the city of Bokan have been buried. This traditional architectural monument is one of the works of the Bukan Qajar period.
  • Specific information

    The dome of the tomb of the commanding officers is built with traditional architecture and according to the architectural style as well as the biography of Sardar Mohammad Hossein Khan Makrry related to the Qajar period. Sardar's tomb consists of a small courtyard on the southern side and the tomb building. The rectangular tomb is approximately 13 meters in diameter and 15 meters in width and the area of the tomb is about 198 square meters and has a central dome of the porch, which is used for the construction of the dome, using an umbilical wick and with two atria on the sides.
  • Outlook

    The dome of the house is constructed with a Chalipa pattern and has a Shah's land, and the materials used in the building in the section of the carcass stone are infiltration and the walls and the dome and vaults of the quadrangle brick, on the south side, which gives the entrance to the building, The porch is surrounded by two stone pillars with a special beauty and a three-door pattern.
    One of the most important elements of the construction of the tomb of the commanders is the dying bricklaying, in which all the spaces and elements are in harmony with each other. The only inconsistency that this can be noted in the building is that the space of the dome has a wide luminaire in The main view of the building is that it lacks the symmetry and balance of the facade.
  • More Info

    Names of people that buried
    Mohammad Hussein Khan Makry
    Judge Hussein Makri
    Mullah Mohammad Hasan ibn Ghizilji
    Ozra Khatun Ghezelji (daughter of Moll hassan)
    Kobra Khanum (daughter of Sardar Mohammad Hussein Khan)
    Molla Mohammad Sadegh Hasan Ibn Ghizliji Famous to Judge Kakeh Hame
    Ms.Jahan Khanum, daughter of Mozaffaroddin Shah Qajar (wife of Saifuddin Khan and mother of Mohammad Hussein Khan)
    Ali Khan Makri, a kord military
    Malahmmadsadegh Ghizilji
    Mullah Ali Ghizilji
    Khatoo Nezakat Ghasemi
    Hajar Khatun Hedayati
    Jafar Ghizilji
    Mola saeed Ja'far Hosseini (Khalifa Sheikh Hessamoddin)

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