The ancient kharand ambit

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An ancient kharand  ambit is one of the ancient regions of the city of Mahdishahr in Semnan province, and this ancient region is located 35 kilometers northeast of Mahdishahr and 51 kilometers north-east of Semnan on the southern slope of the Alborz mountain range

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Some parts of the historical monuments of the Semnan Pahnee bath Museum have been discovered and transferred to the museum from the Kharand of Mahdishahr, and it has been recorded on May 9, 2003 as one of the national works of Iran

  • Background information

    The ancient ambit of the Kharand date back to the first millennium BC.
  • Specific information

    This historical area is very effective at understanding the political and social structure, the level of economic progress, etc., of human societies in the first millennium BC
  • Outlook

    Archaeological exploration have been in operation for about three years, and so far unique information has been provided on the life of the tribes of the Iron Age of the region.
    Also from the cemetery of this region until now, objects and many works related to the Iron Age II and III have been obtained.

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