The architecture of the Kolahegermezeii's house

(14 رای)

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The architecture of the Kolahegermezeii's house is very beautiful, as well as the type of plaster on the walls of the rooms and verandas; the construction of arches on the wall and, in some places, beautiful wall paintings and the creation of small fireplaces, has given it a special look. .

  • Background information

    These buildings were built in 1287, with the help of Ibrahim Khan, the ruler of Dodanje and the Chare Denghui for personal residence.
  • Specific information

    The main materials of the building, brick and brick are brick and plaster, as well as each of these two types of two-story buildings with a large number of rooms and corridor for rooms and upper floors.
  • Outlook

    This building, also known as the house of Ibrahim Khan, has a large courtyard with many trees, and the main head of these two buildings is wood, and the doors of these two buildings are a few meters apart.
  • Recommendation

    The Sefeid Rood River, which is called in the local language, Asabeh rood and located in north-easterly village, and you can enjoy it alongside it.
  • More Info

    The alleyway is a building or a building with many doors and windows that enthralls the garden surroundings outside the building and is usually octagonal and its octagonal form is related to the Timurid and Safavid periods. It is also often built in privately owned enclosed gardens.