The old cemetery of Haftad Mullah Mirjaveh

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The old cemetery of Haftad Mullah Mirjaveh is located 150 meters south of the village of Rops and is located at 20 km from Temin village. Seventy-two cemetery Mullah Mirjaou is located on the slopes of the altitudes overlooking the village and in a cavern and the unique cemeteries It is considered to be an Islamic era.

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The old cemetery of the Seventy Mullah Mirjaveh has a total area of 500 square meters, which consists of a five-story graveyard with a perpendicular hollow and perforated stepped wall. This cemetery belongs to (Middle Islamic period).
The old cemetery of Seventy Mullah Mirjave was registered on May 18, 2001 with the number 3826 as one of the national works of Iran.

  • Background information

    There is also an interesting narration about the old cemetery of the Seventy Mullah Mir-Jawa who say that after Zoroastrian priests, the Zoroastrian priests who had taken refuge in the mountain after their death were buried in the same place, due to the grave architecture of this narrative.
  • Specific information

    The graves of the old cemetery of the Seventy Mullah Mirjawa are unique and unique. So, after the dead burials, the four sides of the graves were raised with stones and placed on it slabs, and then made with a brick and mortar of a gypsum stack, and then covered it with a grating wall, and eventually the structure The plaster has been plastered and parts of it have been rolled in red. This cemetery belongs to the Islamic period and is a tourist attraction of the province.
  • More Info

    Zahedan city, the old name of which is the thief of the water and changed to Zahedan in 1315, has four central parts: Miyraveh, Korin and Nosrat Abad; 3 Zahedan, Mirawa, Nosrat Abad and 8 rural districts, Harmak, Central, Ladiz, Shuro, Miyrawa, Nosrat Abad, Domek and Korin.
    The city has natural attractions and, of course, a myriad historical history that perhaps most of us, the Iranians, are not even aware of.

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