Three domes of Urumieh

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Daghbbd is the name of a tower in the southeast of the city of Urmia, the capital of the West Azarbaijan province of Iran. It was a tomb and was built in the year 580. The dome is a long, cylindrical and circular platform platform. .

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  • Address : Southeast of Urmia city - Janbazan Street - Alley Branch to St.Barzagar St.

The monument of the three domes is a cylindrical and circular cylindrical platform.
The current building has two floors and there are valves on the four sides. The first floor is called a crypt which has an arch cover and is thus separated from the second floor. The small first floor door is 1/70 meters high. The second floor, which is called the tomb room, has a valley at a height of 2.50 meters. In other words, the circular cylindrical structure has a cavity with the upper part of it being transformed into a masonry brick building including the tomb's room and

  • Background information

    At the entrance to the building of the three dome of Urmia, three inscriptions are in the Kofi line, which is cut from stone, and at the end of the inscription, Muharram is called 580 AH. Therefore, perhaps a tomb or brick tower of three domes belonged to the 6th century AH.
  • Outlook

    The decorations of the head at the entrance to the monument are three monuments of its kind are unique and are decorated with gypsum and stone pieces with geometric designs and inscriptions on the Kofi line.
    Materials of the lower parts of the building are made up to a height of about 6.3 m from gray-colored rocks and from this point all materials are made of four-corner bricks.
    Its entrance is enclosed in a formidable architectural form and is embedded in the cylindrical body of the tower; its entrance port is located in the middle of the vaulted arches, giving it an ornamental architectural appeal. The materials are the lower part of the stone and the upper part of the brick
  • More Info

    Uromiyeh Tower of Three Domes with No. 242 in National Register of National Records

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