Tilab Jiran Goli

(46 رای)

Jiran Goli Wetland is a small wetland located in Shirvan Dareh Caye habitat in Ardebil province.

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This wetland is a good source for wintering a large number of migratory and aquatic migratory birds. This wetland is a habitat for birds such as Cenggar, Cheshm, Hawthorn, Ardeh duck and Green duck. This wetland employs migratory birds from Central Asia, the Caucasus and Siberia each year to migrate to the area during cold months. The habitat area is also a permanent habitat for many people like pigs, foxes, wolves, Armenian rams and ears, brown bears, Quebec and lunar.
_Vegetations: vegetation on the margin of the Neyland, pasture plants and herbaceous plants

  • Specific information

    Shirvan is a valley of deep and deep valley, with cavernous caverns giving a special view to the area, and the rocks are seen in the form of statues that one thinks each one has been carved by a tasteful artist.
  • Outlook

    This valley leads from the south to the northern slopes of Sabalan (East Path) to the Lahrud-Shabil road, from the west to Houshang Field and north to the lands of the village of Chalchukulo.
  • Must know

    This wetland is located 20 kilometers south-east of Meshgin city and near Lahrud, with an elevation of 2,200 meters.

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