Tochal Ski Resort

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At 3963m, Tochal ski resort is the fifth highest resort in the world, ensuring a long season from December to at least April and sometimes June. It is one of the longest and cheapest cable cars in the world. This slope is started from the foot of Tochal (at 3850 metres) and ends in the hotel (at 3550 metres). The length of the slope is 1200 metres and the very suitable slope. There are one Doppelmayr chairlift and one teleski improvised in this ski slope, for transferring skiers. 

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  • Tochal Ski Resort
  • Tochal Ski Resort
  • Tochal Ski Resort
  • Tochal Ski Resort
Tochal Ski Resort Tochal Ski Resort Tochal Ski Resort Tochal Ski Resort مشاهده گالری

Tochal Resort is near Damavand and is the best places for practice before attemting Damavand Ski Mountaineering. A very cool way to become accustomed to Iran ski climate in a short form itinerary. In the first days of your ski itinerary, you may use Tochal resort.
The highest point of the run is located just uner Mt Tochal peak 3970m, it is an ideal place for ski and snowboard beside other winter activities.

  • Background information

    Tochal Telecabin is probably the world's longest gondola lift lines with a length of 7500m. The project started in 1974 and has been open to the public since 1978. It starts at the Velenjak valley in north of Tehran at an altitude of 1900 m. and ends at the last station at an altitude of 3740 m., near the main ridge of Mount Tochal
  • Specific information

    Tochal is one of the most favorite ski pistes in Iran. Tochal Ski Resort is the closeset ski centre to Tehran and due to its neiggourhood to capital it is quite popular with the single daytrip skiers. It is the 5th highest ski resort in the world, it has a gondola (telecabin) lift 7.5 Km long which is one of the longest in the globe. It takes less than an hour from the 1st station to the last station by car cable.
  • Outlook

    At the summit of the cable car at Tochal there are four ski lifts, two of which stop just short of the summit at 12,800 feet, from where there are magnificent views of Mt Dammavand.
  • Best time

    Depending on the climate and the amount of snowfall, the season usually starts in November and lasts until April or even June.
  • Facilities

    The resort has two chairlifts and one T-bars. There are seven stations on the telecabin route, the resort is located at the seventh station, there are restaurant at fifth and the seventh staion, and a nice hotel called Tochal Hotel at the base of the resort 3550m, with 30 rooms and suites.
  • More Info

    Quick Facts Mt Tochal Ski Resort
    The piste base is located at 3550m
    The top of the resort is at 3850m high
    Slope length is about 1200 meters
    Vertical Drop 300m
    This resort is the 5th highest ski resort in the world 3850m

    Mt Tochal Gondola Lift
    One of the longest in the world ( 7.5km )
    First station at 1600m
    Fifith Station at 2950 m
    Seventh station at 3750m
    Length 7500m
    Vertical climb 1840m
    There are 3 ski runs which are connected together
    the total length of the ski route is about 6 Km
    It has a huge vertical climb of 1840m and reaches a height of 3750m
    The major stations are, first, second, fifth and the seventh staion
    Built in 1978

    Tochal Hotel
    This hotel is located at altitude of 3550m and serves the skiers for 7 to 8 months per year while the slopes are covered with the snow
    It has 30 rooms.
    6 rooms, single beds
    11 rooms, 2 single beds
    8 rooms, twin beds
    4 suites
    1 VIP suite
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