Toun Township Typical Tourism

(9 رای)

In the early Islamic centuries, Toun township has been one of the most popular areas in Khorasan. Tuna is from the most ancient cities of Khorasan, which is considered to be on the margin of salt, from ancient times, one of the important dams of East to West of Iran.

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Most historians and geographers like Sacred, Hafiz Ebro, Mostofi, Etemad al-Saltaneh and ... describe the city as an acceptable city and have referred to the citadel, tower, ditch, ditch, mosque, and others. Moghaddasi, the fourth century geographer in Ahsan al-Takhassim, describes Ton as an urban and populated city.

  • Background information

    Nasser Khosrow describes this town in his travel report: Toun was a great city, but when I saw it, it was often ruined and descended, and it had a stream of water and karis, and was on the eastern side of the gardens. And they had a firm fence saying that there were four hundred workshops in this city that were Ziluwe and in the city of pistachio tree.
    In the seventh century AH (651 AH), with the Holako attack on this area, your city is suffering a lot of damage and many people are killed in this conflict.
    After this, the city will be reconstructed by the people in such a way that during the Safaviye period they are considered as the major cities of the large population centers in the south of Khorasan.
    Earlier in the Safaviye period, the city is also experiencing a severe earthquake that damages many of the city's monuments.
    The historic city of Ton has in the past included 5 neighborhoods called Sardasht, Anbari, Sadat, Meydan, and Talaar, which were located around the city's barracks.
    The city was renamed Ferdows in 1308, with the decision of members of the Academy.
    In 1347, an earthquake occurred in the city, where many of the city's buildings were destroyed. Fortunately, the major buildings such as the mosque, the Upper and Habibiye schools, the Koshk complex, the historic water storage, the Sardasht, Khiraz and Mellar baths and the historic houses of the Sardasht neighborhood, have remained as evidence of the past architecture of this city.

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