Tower of Tugril (Tower tower)

(40 رای)

The Tower of Mahmandoust is located south of Mehmandoost village in Damghan city and west of Maghreb, north of Imamabad. The tower was built in the year 490 AH and during the Seljuk period.

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This brick tower, which is famous for the tower of Massoomzadeh or Aminzadeh Qasem, consists of high temples and brick walls and two inscriptions on top of the tower on the Kofi line and the masonry.
In the southern part of this ancient tower, the Temmand Tower is located on the eastern side of the cemetery of the Mehmandoost villages. Also, the tower of the hotel is similar to the Tugrul Tower of Rey. Some parts of the building are corrupted, but the remaining part of the building confirms it.

  • Background information

    This tower was built in 490 AH in the Seljuk period.
  • Specific information

    Around the circle it is 34 ounces from the outside and its diameter is 7,20 m. This tower has twelve cracks, one of the Turks is a door and the width of each of the Turks is 23.2 meters, and after ten yards and a half the height of three parts of the Mogharnas are made of bricks to a very good state of affairs, after which the notes are placed in a width of 3 yards The Kofi line and above it are another inscription on the building line, and from then on the cone dome begins, but the dome is broken and what remains is 14 pt In the tower facing the south and a brick grave in the middle, and two other gravestones in the tower, it is said that the tower of the tomb of Imamzadeh Qasem is from the descendant of Musa bin Ja'far, but its structure is not similar to the tomb..

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