Tribal nomads Il Sangsar

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The nomadic tribe of Il Sangers is one of the anthropological museums of the city of Mahdishahr in Semnan province. The museum, which is the first private museum of Semnan province, has a valuable collection of the monuments of the nomads of Il Sangsar.

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  • Address : Semnan, Mehdi Shahr

The museum consists of two parts of the hall and the open space, and also the museum hall has four sections with separate themes, each section has a special arrangement, and the first part of the equipment and instruments of the winery and the stages of production of different types of yarns and woolen and silk birch The women of Il-Sangarz are devoted, and the second part includes the types of daily and double-use implements of the semi-alley of Sangasar, and a variety of utensils, tools, weapons, etc., and the third section for the display of arts and crafts, clothing and footwear From the urban life of Il Sangsar people in the past few decades.

  • Background information

    This museum was opened in Bahman 1387 by engineer Hassan Pakzadian
  • Specific information

    In the building, some of the nomadic structures are showed in the building, including structures such as tenor, special production units for butter, various types of specialty ovens for the production of dairy products, black stones as the largest black tent in the country with numerous manifolds and The structures within it are tools and equipment for the professions associated with the nomadic life (including agricultural implements, etc.
  • Recommendation

    The Il Sangasar nomadic museum hosts specialized meetings every month.

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