Typical tourism destination area of the Birjand valley

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the southern Khorasan valley, which is the most important historical belt and the largest mountain belt of Birjand, was built on the orders of Amir Shaukat al-Molk in 1294 AH; this historic craft is now a beautiful tourist destination for Recreation and travel of tourists has become.

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Dam Dam Dam of South Khorasan is constructed following the slopes located on the mountain and in the most suitable part of the valley below the sedimentary floors of the river bed. The length of the crown is 31 m, the crown width is 3 to 5 m and its height is 13 m and the wall thickness of the dam is 8 m in the base part and 3 to 5 m in the crown part.

  • Background information

    The dam dates back to the late Zandyah and early Qajar period. This clause, as it flows through the valley up and down, is renowned for its name.
  • Specific information

    Materials used in the valley band include bricks, lime stone and lime mortar, which are used in the construction of the valley band, and its outer appearance is made of bricks, the height of the wall of the cavity from the valley of about 15 meters in length And 35 meters wide, varying between 3 and 5 meters.
  • Must know

    The Birjand Valley Dam or Dam at 5 km from the end of Modarres Birjand Street is located among the southern mountain range called Baghran Mountain Range.

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