Urmia Imamzadeh Barkhaslou

(52 رای)

Imamzadeh Barsaloo is one of the historical buildings of the West Azarbaijan Province, located in the village of Barsaloo, 10 kilometers east of Urumia. Imamzadeh Barkhallo is considered to be the largest and most important pilgrimage of the people of the province, and is based on the period of Zandieh and early Qajar period.

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  • Address : Urmia-Barsaloo Village Ten kilometers east of the city

Urmia Mofen Imamzadeh Barkhaslou is the two brothers of the Imam, named after Ibrahim and Muhammad, who, according to the promise of the four of them, reach the Prophet Zain al-Abedin, "as well as, in the words of some of the Umranians in this village One of the descendants of the Prophet Moses is Bunyafar, 'ah'.

  • Background information

    Imamzadeh Barsaloo is one of the largest and most important shrines of the people of the province, and is based on the period of Zandiji and early Qajar.
  • Specific information

    Imamzadeh Burzalot's Tomb in Emamzadeh Village in 12 Km Urmia is located, according to the tomb of this burial place two brothers of Imamzadegan names of Abraham and Muhammad, which, according to the statements of the people of this village, Imam Zadeh is the burial place of one of the children of the Prophet Moses Ibn Ja'far (AS) is.
    Urmia Imamzadeh Barkhaslou is a rectangular with a central dome like four Sasanian vault arches and four arch arches and is divided into eight sides by its arches. On each side of the tomb there is an entrance with an arched facade, and on both sides there are windows with a crescent arch. The materials used in the construction of the tomb are from stone to square meter and brick. Its exterior facade has a beautiful arched facade and brick. The tomb has a beautiful portrait and golden water. The interior view of the tomb is also in terms of division and architectural compositions that are striking and well-proportioned. The interior is up to one and a half feet tall with new blue tiles, which say that these tiles are installed in place of the old seven-tile tiles. In the eastern part, the outer front also has two semi-pillars decorated like Ornithan mosque, the decorations of which are separated by bricks with green bricks.
    The porch, dome, and vault of this Imam Zadeh ended with the deceased Habibollah Baghlrgby, and later the deceased Haji Ghaffar Afshar chose to complete some of its imperfections, and Pashakhan Ardubadi (freedom) prepared the door for this noble Imam Zadeh at his own expense.
    A good time to visit: The external view of the building of Imamzadeh Barkhaslou Urmia has a good chamber and brick, which is subject to symmetry by placing the entrance door in the center and dividing the facade by arches with crescent arches and low widths.
    The north facing view of the main building consists of an entrance porch and two newly minarets belonging to the 70's.
    The Imamzadeh dome is a two-shell dome with nice proportions and beautiful geometry, and the inner layer of the dome is brick-and-mortar.
    The building materials of the tomb are made of stone and brick, the lower part of which is approximately one meter high with almost rough river rocks, and the rest is with brick, and the part of the roof, which is now the carved brick, was previously covered with hand-made soils covering the dome with a gable .
    The interior of the tomb is 1.5 meters tall, covered with blue tiles, these tiles are replaced by old tufts and the outer fronts in the eastern part also have two half-pillars decorated like the minaret of the mosque of Urmia and its distances With green bricks, a small square is decorated with a screw.
    On each side of the tomb of Imamzadeh Barkhaslo Urmia there is an entrance with a curved entrance and on both sides there are windows with a crescent arch. The materials used in the construction of the tomb are from stones to one meter and brick. The external view of the arches and work bricks It is beautiful
  • More Info

    Tomb of Imam Zadegan Mohammad and Ibrahim are among the most important Imam Zadeh of the province, which is registered in the national monuments and dates to the Zandy-Qajar period.
    Imamzadeh Barkhslv Urumieh has a great reputation among the people of the region, in addition to the presence of Shiite and Sunni pilgrims from the people of the cities and villages around to visit this holy place to visit their hymns.

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