Urumieh Amzzadeh Gharib Hassan

(57 رای)

Ozadeh Gharib Hassan (Imamzadeh Ghareib Hassan) is one of the most beautiful places in the city of Urmia near the villages of Borhanlou and Qureshallo. These Imams are the descendants of Imam Zainal-Abedin (AS).

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The point in the content of the Imam Zadeh Qarib Hassan is the use of the word "Qarib" rather than "strange". But in the people's conversations, the term Imamzadeh "Gharib Hassan" has been used instead of "Qarib al-Hassan" and they believe that he has been alone in this region and has been martyred.
In the past, the strange tomb of Hassan was a small building that had about 60 square meters of infrastructure. The building has two windows on three sides and an east window with a window in the middle and two in the entrance on both sides.

  • Specific information

    The main front view of the building is located on the north side and has a completely symmetrical appearance.
    The Emamzadeh building has a rectangular plain with a dimensions of 26/15 × 26/80, consisting of four sections: the main core, Miansara, the engine room and the control room.
    The dome of this type of onion and its cover is a gold plated aluminum plate, its height is 11/80 meters and has 12 light-emitting diamonds that are spaced apart around the stem of the dome at a certain distance. The stem height is 80/1 m. .
    Imamzadeh minarets on the northern side are made up to a height of 21 m, the base and part of the minaret stem up to a height of 4.5 m in the adjacent rooms of Mianra, the entrance to the minarets is also from the same rooms.
    The combination of a combination of a silver and gold plated sheet and a lattice glass with dimensions of 2 × 3 high subway without considering the base and the crown of the meter is 2/25 meters and the base of the sign is from black granite to a height of 20 centimeters.
  • Must know

    The distance between the villages of Borhanlou and Qiresaloo from its access point is Urumia Road to Oshnavia - 2.5 km and Urmia is 6 km.
  • More Info

    The ceiling was built by roof rafters and under the arches with bricks and plaster.
    The tomb was not enclosed, and only the wooden fence surrounded the grave. The armchair was also placed next to the entrance door to allow pilgrims to cast their cash vouchers into it. In 1370, a metallic silver trim with a size of 1.5 in 2 meters, which was built in Esfahan for about one million tomans, was installed. In 2003, the current customs clearance was made in Isfahan at a cost of 28 million tomans and installed instead of the previous one.

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