Urumieh Bazar

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Urumieh Bazar is one of the historical works of Urmia, which is located in the old context of this city and dates back to the Safaviyeh period.

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The Urumieh bazar has tambours, baths, squares and mosques dating back to Zandiyah and Qajar. The main import was the oil that was traded in the Khomeini commercial center during its era with camels from the Caucasus and sold there to the market of Orumiyeh-Tabriz market.

  • Background information

    The history of the Urumia market is around the 6th century and the Safavid rule.
  • Specific information

    When entering the Orumiyeh city, Shin seems to have opened a window from the time of a person dating back to several hundred years and familiar with the ancient Iranian culture and art. The "old market of Urmia" is located in the old texture and in the southeastern corner of the city; the oldest parts of this bazaar belong to the Safaviyeh period and then it belongs; alongside this historic market there are baths that historians have You know about the Zand dynasty and Qajar era. With the influences caused by the industrial revolution and modern life in the Urmia city building, many parts of the old texture, especially the commercial district of the city, were destroyed, or the connection of them was broken, so that now a small part of the old texture The market is located between the two streets and the Nosaz Square in the northeast of the city, and one of the old baths in the other part of the city, is now the main and healthy part of the old Urumia market on the streets of Asghar Abadi, Imam, Mahabad and Iqbal Mahsoorah. The old Urumieh bazaar is located in the center of the city and its overall plan is in the form of an incomplete rectangle, enclosed between the streets of Imam, Asghartabadi, Iqbal and Mahabad.
  • Outlook

    The Orumiyeh market has a simple architecture and has arches, springs and beautiful domes, and the architectural style used in it reflects the core culture and taste of Azeri-Iraniya.
  • More Info

    The Orumiyeh market was registered on Khordad 22, 1362 in the number 1639 on the national list of national monuments.

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