Vorousht Alborz

(10 رای)

Voroush peak with a height of 4100 meters is one of the high peaks of the Alborz mountain range located in the central Alborz Mountains in the Light section and on the edge of the Chalus Road.

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Peak and vineyard, or as a mountain of Dhale, is a very tall summit with walls and long blades, the northern faces leading to the peak of Shah Pilkhoun and then the forest zone, and through the eastern eastern line forming the dry mountain valley and giving The 100-kilometer elevation line is located between the two valleys of the river Heraz to Chalous.

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    The warm summer of the southern part of Alborz has begun to move towards the jungle to reach the spring. We pass through Kandovan. We see the magnificent mountainous landscape with its edges and walls. The summit is facing a huge hill on the top of Azad Kouh, the neck, and its edges seem very long. There is no trace of snow after the black grove, and shortly thereafter, from a very narrow dirt road parallel to the main road of Chalus, we reach the small village of Vali Abad at the end of a valley. The weather here is also hot and it's a breeze. Take the heights to the east from the wide valley, surrounded by bushes, to the east. (1) We reach the strait. The road has been flattened for sometime and rising to the river with a cool breeze running up the slope (2). Continuing along the path of several sheep, it suddenly enters the wide valley below the summit and the valley. Next to the river towards the east, while the cold breeze flows, we continue along the southern edge of the southeast to the southern edge of the southern edges. From the slope of the black soil, the gravel is reduced and after a short time in the eastern mountain of the desert and its walls (3). A beautiful view of the summit and its sub-heights. The wind is blowing from the west, and we are on the edge of the gap between the dry and wet. The fog of some valleys is covered by the northern forests, and runs through the mountains to the mist of the white fog in the snowy mountains on the edges and valleys. The peaks of the mountains are like islets from the Sea of Marmara. Take a short break to the top and bottom. The road passes through a few hill-like peaks, and after a while we step on the hem of the summit. The scenery is beautiful and beautiful. The fog of the sea is a little bit behind. We have arrived at noon. The very cold air flows on the peak. A visit to the magnificent mountain peaks of Abu Dhar and Diwahal in the west and the peaks of Al-Raz al-Na-Sar and Zarrin-e-Kuh and in the south of the Sarafar Azad-Kouh Tower with its walls are spectacular. Alborz is the center of all its mountains. Even the resort is at the furthest point. From the climb to the valley we return to the valley and spend the night at the river, and tomorrow we will head to the valley abad. The best time to climb Vrovesh is June and October
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    Peak Status in the Winter: The heavy snow of the valleys around Vallee Abad and Harijan and the avalanche provide little ways to reach the summit in winter. Strong winds dominate the peak. A long way with snowflake.
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    Photo by Mehdi Saghi

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