Women's Park in Kerman (Touklal Abad)

(48 رای)

Kerman Women's Park is one of the special women's parks in the city located within the Tukle-Abad Gardens; in this park there are special facilities for the use of women's parks and sports spaces And recreation is considered.

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: Indoor sports hall, volleyball, handball and basketball courts, cycling track and tennis table, and fitness equipment are among the facilities that are considered at the Reyhan Kerman Parks Park.

  • Specific information

    Two Tavakolad Karban Gardens, 3 hectares of land, are enclosed for use by Kermani women and more than 2,000 trees and 3,000 new shrubs are planted.
    The Tukol Abad Crane garden is irrigated under the pressure of the system and various plant species have been cultivated, which can be used as a science and recreational garden used by university researchers and students.
  • Facilities

    There are facilities like a chapel, a bathroom, a game room, a sports facility and a food stall in the recreational complex of the Reyhan Kerman Parks (Tukle-abad).