Yarim Qayah lagoon

(52 رای)

Yarim Qayeh lagoon is located in West Azarbaijan Province. Yarim Qayeh Wetland is located at the zero point of Iran and Turkey border and has clear, clear water.

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Yarim Qayeh Wetland with an area of about 5 km2 is located in the east of the Yarim Qayeh Cave and a village of the same name. Yarim Cave is a cave of water that drains its water from this wetland. The height of the water level is 1414 meters and in comparison with the height of 1410 meters, the water level in the cave is 2 meters higher. The mean density of the region is 250 mm per year.

  • Specific information

    Although 500 cubic meters of water is taken out of the cave day by day, it does not change the altitude of the cave. Alignment of the height of the cave and wetland indicates that the hydraulic gradient is water from the lagoon to the cave, and given that no other water is entered into the cave, the cave is fed continuously and directly from the lagoon. The Yarim Qayyah cave does not have the usual beauty effects in the tourist caves.
    West Azarbaijan: Qaraghl lake with its 300 hectares, 40 km from Bukan Road, Miandoab is located along the same village and is one of the most important livestock breeding and redevelopment areas of aquatic and aquatic birds.

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