Zahedan Cover Market

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Zahedan Covered Market is one of the important commercial areas and the purchase and sale of various goods in Zahedan City, which may be from 1308 to 1311 AH and has 35 commercial premises. The architectural style of the Zahedan store is close to the architecture of the traditional markets of the country.

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  • Address : Zahedan, city center, the border between Ayatullah Taleghani and Imam Khomeini (RA)

The Zahedan hangar was completed by a Yazdi architect named Professor Gholam Ali Khalafi. The layout of the market is in the form of l and materials used in that clay and mud. The market has dome roofs and is renovated and restored under the cultural heritage of the province.
Now Zahedan's store has become a retail store for goldsmiths and shoes. It is important because of its historical and social history.

  • Background information

    The history of making the bazaar dates back to the time of the formation of Zahedan. The construction of this complex was completed in the year 1308 Hijri Shamsi and began in 1311. In 1314, he was completed by a person named Professor of Khalafi architecture of Yazdi
    _All of the country: In terms of architectural style, the traditional style of the country's traditional bazaar has been used in the construction of the brick and mortar.
    The market is in the form of a slam, and the vaults of the marketplace are of a kind of facade, which are located on openings up to 4 m in width, in the east-west direction there are 9 holes and in the north-south direction there are 12 holes.
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