Zarand Sea Wells

(23 رای)

Zarand Chah Darya Cave is located 15 km from the referees and on the Rafsanjan-Zarand in Kerman province and is considered one of the natural attractions of Kerman province.

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  • Address : Iran - Kerman - Zarand 15 km west of the city of judges

Zarand Chah Zardan Cave has opened its open space in a flat and wide desert covered with erosional minerals. On the way to the well and about 15 km from the regional referees, which is about 20 square kilometers in size, covered with clay domes, is a sandstone. These relatively similar prominences, almost identical in height, are reminiscent of Lut's desert clot. With the difference that the clofts are born with angular volume, these domes have the same shape and height and are probably the key to concealing how the sea is built.

  • Specific information

    The Zarand Wellhead Cave consists of two spaces of the funnel, such as clinging together. The diameter of the top of the funnel is about 60 meters and its diameter is about 30 meters. The distance between the two bases is between 12 m and the incomplete cone. The upper diameter of the second funnel, which is a defective cone, is about 30 meters and the lower base diameter, which is also water level, reaches about 100 meters. The distance from the mouth to the surface of the water is about 130 meters. The upper parts of the wells are up to 20 meters away from the clay and conglomerate layers, and then calcareous minerals.
  • Outlook

    The presence of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfur gases from the activity of the internal fault of the region, on the one hand, and the penetration of frost water from the rainfall on the other side, and the mixing of these together, and then the removal of internal acidic water due to the vapor pressure and the gases of the fault zone. Through the seams and minor faults, the lime pathway and the birth of this huge space have been created. The wells in the past have not been shaped to date, and along the negative slopes of the lower incomplete cone have appeared and probably have a diameter of about 4 meters.
  • Must know

    Since the well is a unique phenomenon of nature and a national capital, regional authorities must take the lead in order to prevent erosion and spillage of wells and preserve this phenomenon for future generations of this homeland. Another reason is that lowering the level of the station in wells such as the sea wells is a factor in the long-term loss and destruction of the entire well. Therefore, in addition to modifying the operation of water reservoirs, officials should have a water engine next to the sea water, Sucks, closes, and closes the operation.
  • More Info

    The crater of the funnel, like the current one, has been caused by erosion and debris erosion. At the end of the well, it's not possible to see the water right now. The cave of the Sea of Zarand, in 1354, had a depth of spatial 100 meters and a depth of 85 meters, which, due to the unobstructed operation of the aquifers, should have fallen by 30 meters. What adds to this well, in addition to its value as a phenomenon, is the measurement of the fluctuation of the surface of the water table in the area through the fluctuation of the level of the water well. By reducing the level of the well in the water column, we can see the water level drop in the water table.

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